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Quidditch, Treacle Tart and Ginny
Sunlit Days
Harry and Ginny's Page 
17th-Jan-2009 11:31 am(no subject)
Dumbledores Army
wow, this place has been pretty quiet lately, huh? I've been away from live journal for a while too so I know how that goes! -.-

I came back just in time, i think, because there's lots of year-end awards going on at rhr_awards and hgsilverlining and hpgw_otp... so much to read and catch up on!! haven't had time to read the longer ones yet but here are some fics I really liked...

Love is for the lucky and the brave by carrickorourke
Harry and Ginny and all their freinds sitting around in a restaurant and talking about their fortunes. I love it!

Two steps forward by kaiteay
This one is after the war, with Ginny playing quidditch and a nice reunion for them.

England Expects by lyras
Another one with Harry and Ginny right after the war.

Hens and whiskey by samanthacr
Hermione has to take care of Ginny when she's drunk at her hen party. very funny!

tied together by stmargarets
Harry teaches Albus how to tie his shoes, whcih his aunt never taught him.

Making lemonade by ladywhizbee
a hot summer day, and Ginny is stuck inside fixing lunch for her family while they play outside... what to do?

I miss you, Ginny by blueeyedgrl
When Harry's off fighting Voldemort, Ginny writes him letters to tell him how she feels. i think this one was my my favorite.
20th-Nov-2008 09:02 am - Harry/Ginny beginner,
I am not sure if this I's the right place to ask this or if this com. I's still running. So please point me elsewhere If there I's another place. I like to try out different ships. I really like happy endings!

But I am looking for some good Harry/Ginny multi-chap or novel-length fanfics. With strong Harry and fiesty Ginny in them. I love developing realationship type fics the best but,will accept established to. I like action/adventure in fics. Any rating I's fine with me.

Also I don't want preg. Ginny in them unless It's something short and humorus. And or children being a big part That I's just not my thing most of the time but,I have small exceptions.

Also I like fluff and angsty as long as,they are not too extreme mainly I am talking about the angst but some I's fine. Fics I have read and liked. This Means war. Celebony's fics. And one of MelindaLeo's fics.

Also mabe some christmasy Harry/Ginny fics. I hope to get alot of replies. Also I hope this I's not too much trouble. I also like romantic fics to,you know like roses,bubble bath,champange,gifts,fancy hotels,Any of that sort of thing will out them being way ooc. I don't like fics where they get bonded together unless It's realistic.
13th-Dec-2007 11:25 am - New Theme
[Others] Mine
It's Christmas time, so I guess it would be fitting to ask for Christmas / New Year's fics recs.

What's your favorite H/G Christmas fic?
29th-Oct-2007 01:19 pm - Hi!
[H/G] Sun Chan
Hi, everyone! I'm the new moderator of this wonderful community... sorry it has taken me so long to actually say hello, but my personal life was a little chaotic these last weeks.

Oh, well... I'm here today asking you all if you have any ideas about this community. Any suggestion will be welcome. Also, if anyone is interested in becoming a reccer for us, please, just leave a comment.

One of the ideas I had for hg_ficrecs is to suggest a "theme" for the recs, for example: "the best first kiss" or "the funniest first date" and then anyone (not just the reccer of the month) could rec the fic they remember with the theme. What do you think?
2nd-Oct-2007 09:09 am - New moderator needed.
damsel in distress
Love Harry/Ginny fic and wish you knew where to find more of it? Want to share your favorite stories with everyone? Want to get more involved with the Harry/Ginny community but don't have tons of time?

This community is in need of a new moderator. Duties include recruiting reccers and then reminding them when it's their turn with monthly comments. Time commitment is small, but you should be available on a regular basis for monthly reminders, etc. You would be the solo mod, so the sky's the limit on what you can do! This is a small community, but it has gread potential.

Interested? Comment here.
20th-Jul-2007 09:46 pm - Sleeping in Ginny's arms
I just love stories of Harry finding comfort sleeping in Ginny's arms. In some he's sick, some it's nightmares, some....he's drunk...but he always finds comfort in Ginny's arms.

If anyone knows of some good Harry falling asleep in Ginny's comforting embrace stories, I'd LOVE to read them.

Post a link!
Heroine Addict: Ginny, Hmmmmmm...
Hi! I'm the resident H/G rec'er at Know It Alls, a moderated HP fic rec site. I just rec'd these two over there, and thought I should do so here as well!

  • Name of Fic: Chasing Clouds
    Author: Antonia East (lily_tarn)
    Summary: He knows that it will hurt to come back
    Rating: PG
    Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Angst, drama, romance
    Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
    Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-HBP
    Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione (implied)
    Warnings: Some very evocative battle imagery. Implied character deaths.
    Link: http://lily-tarn.livejournal.com/9689.html
    Why this fic must be read:

    There are lots of post-War fics in which Harry loses his memory—Lafeemechangte's sadly WIP Jenny, thetreacletart's The Tale of Henry and Jenny and Lady Tonks's Teatime in the Garden being three fine examples. Most of these fics are tearjerkers; the not-so-good ones definitely get sentimental to the point of being unreadable.

    In Chasing Clouds, veteran H/G author Antonia East covers some of this ground, but in a very fresh, startling way that focuses the reader on the basis, the core of Harry and Ginny's relationship—shared experiences, shared worldviews, shared senses of humor. Stylistically sophisticated, the narrative jumps back and forth between Harry, Ron and Hermione's departure from the Burrow after Bill and Fleur's wedding, the Horcrux hunt, a return that Christmas, a battle at Hogwarts and Harry's long, slow recovery afterwards. The bits of story are out of order, and the point of view shifts from Harry's to Ginny's and so you find yourself reading with great sympathy for Harry—wanting to know what happened, but with gaps in your memory.

    Antonia tells the story beautifully and intriguingly, avoiding sentiment or easy resolutions. A wonderful book seven fic whether you're a Harry/Ginny shipper or not.

  • Name of Fic: Midsummer Night's Dream
    Author: magnonlia_mama
    Summary: "Midsummer was always the most difficult time of year. There would be moments when Ginny became absolutely convinced someone was standing right behind her, but whenever she turned around, no one was there."
    Rating: R/Mature
    Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Angst, psychological drama, romance, erotica
    Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
    Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-HBP
    Other Pairings: Luna/George (implied)
    Warnings: Post-War. Implied character deaths.
    Link: http://community.livejournal.com/hpgw_ficafest/82164.html
    Why this fic must be read:

    Every shipper has a 'lightbulb' fic—the one that hit the switch so that you no longer thought, Yeah, I like that couple, but instead thought, Wow, I'd love to see more about them! For me, and many other Harry/Ginny folks, that fic was Magnolia Mama's post-OotP classic, Care of the Human Engine, a wonderful, languorous coming-together fic that managed to be remarkably sweet and innocent, with a very in-character Harry and Ginny acting very much their young age, while managing to be quite sensual in a subliminal way that betrays MM's Southern roots.

    Though she hadn't written much HP fic of late, she's done it again. This time, she combines a familiar trope from post-series HP fics—it's nine years since Voldemort died, but no one's seen Harry since—with one of my favorite classical myths, Ovid's dream-washed tale of the mortal girl, Psyche, and her unseen lover, who turns out to be none other than the god of love. Again this story is richly atmospheric, set as it is during the long Midsummer nights of Scotland's Orkney islands. Ginny, who has never accepted Harry's death, is visited by more and more vivid dreams and fantasies. Afraid that she might be losing her mind, Ginny consults with an ancient Scottish witch, with her old friend and authority on madness, Luna, and finally with her own conscience and her heart.

    I found this story deeply moving and wonderfully, subtly erotic. It is a wonderful reminder of just how sexy a story can be, even if it takes place almost entirely in the mind.

30th-Dec-2006 12:46 pm - On the Headmaster's Wall by KSchneyer
Heroine Addict: Ginny, Hmmmmmm...
I had a bunch of fics and art I wanted to rec this month—some good, main-stream book-seven H/G such as melindaleo's The Seventh Horcrux or something racier like metafrantic's Harry's Seventh Year (NC-17) or something wonderfully AU like viridian's huge WIP Nightmares of Futures Past, or art like mudblood428's or seviet's. But RL intruded quite unmercifully.

I'll leave you with one you probably haven't read—a triptych fic from a newbie author that really blew me away.

Title: On the Headmaster's Wall
Author: KSchneyer
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG
Author's Website: rhetoretician
Why everyone should read this:

Most H/G fics fall either into the angsty or the fluffy category. Some (including many of my favorites) find a balance between the two that is compelling without becoming unbearable.

On the Headmaster's Wall is a three-part fic that manages to combine drama, heart-breaking pathos, humor and insight, all made more bearable because it keeps pulling further and further back like some brilliant cinematic tracking shot, adding layers of irony and profundity as it goes. Ken is not only thoughtful and inventive (check out the ideas on the emotional lives of portraits) but he also writes wonderfully—his ear for language is sharp, and he avoids easy sentiment or obvious payoffs in all of his fics. Here he creates a sense of Harry and Ginny, of their very real, very teen relationship that nonetheless takes on epic resonance. Ken's ability to write moving H/G fics that give you an incredibly long view is unique; I could just as easily have rec'd his fic Counting to Five Thousand, which has a similar structure, but On the Headmaster's Wall features H/G more centrally...

I would be remiss not to post a no-kidding character death warning here. Definitely read it with some tissue by your computer. But do read it.

ExcerptCollapse )
18th-Dec-2006 04:32 pm - Turning Point by stmargarets
Heroine Addict: Ginny, Hmmmmmm...
Here's a lovely, seasonally appropriate Ginny-doesn't-go-along-on-the-Horcrux-hunt fic by one of my favorite authors.

Title: Turning Point
Author: St Margarets
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG
Author's Website: stmargarets
Why everyone should read this:

stmargarets writes wonderful, myth-inflected fantasy with a distinctly romantic turn. She proudly calls her own work fluff, but I think she mostly means that her fics never dabble in nihilistic, predictable 'darkness' or in gratuitous sex or violence. Oh, there's darkness, sensuality and explosions there, but it's always in the service of the story, and she tells her stories very well. She's been one of my favorite H/G authors since I came into the fandom about three years back and read the wonderful Wallpaper series, which begins as a simple, fluffy encounter between Harry and Ginny and builds to a wonderfully imaginative, mythologically inspired action/adventure saga that riffs on the meaning of Ginny's name....

She didn't write any fic for many months after HBP came out—much to the dismay of of her many fans. Then, just this time last year, she posted Turning Point as a challenge entry. She has since gone on to write some terrific post-HBP fic, including some wonderful minor-pairing stories and a lovely H/G WIP, The New Zealand Chronicles.

"Turning Point," then, is in more than one way a return to the light. It has all of the hallmarks of her writing—it's symbolically rich and well-thought-through, well-crafted, compelling... and sweet, without ever being even the slightest bit syrupy or coy.

ExcerptCollapse )
14th-Dec-2006 05:16 pm - Contusion by poseida9 (R)
Heroine Addict: Ginny, Hmmmmmm...
So, as I said last week, the initial reaction of H/G shippers to HBP was, "Yay, it's canon!" quickly followed by, "Shoot! they split up!" The first six months' worth of H/G fics got the couple back together at the earliest possible opportunity—sometimes within minutes of the end of the book's last chapter—and had her happily traipsing along with Harry, Ron and Hermione on the Great Horcrux Hunt™.

Then the tide turned.... Authors began to explore the possibility that JKR might actually have had Harry cool things off with Ginny for a reason—and since these authors were writing H/G fics, they generally didn't think that that reason had to do with shunting the boy off to Hermione, Draco, McGonagall or whoever...

Last spring, five of my favorite H/G authors (aibhinn, poseida9, pocketfullof, flyingcarpet and maegunnbatt) got together and wrote a group of fics entitled Five Ways Ginny Weasley Never Hunted Horcruxes. I could easily rec any of these fics—maegunnbatt's Undeliverable is a particularly fine adventure-y gen one-shot with H/G overtones—but this one is wonderful:

Title: Contusion
Author: poseida9
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: R
Author's Website: poseida9
Why everyone should read this:

Poseida writes brilliantly. Her fics are intriguing and emotionally dense, and her prose is lovely and spare.

This fic is a perfect illustration of everything that makes her writing worth reading. It follows a Ginny who is very much stuck on the home front, who's very much anxious for her brother, for Hermione, and of course for Harry, and who's very much annoyed at being left behind.

ExcerptCollapse )
As I said in my previous rec, Bill and Fleur's wedding is the setting of preference for a lot of post-HBP fics—especially Harry/Ginny reconciliation fics.

Here's one of the few pieces of art that covers this semi-canonical scene:

Title: At Bill and Fleur's Wedding
Author: reallycorking
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: Worksafe/G
Author's Website: corkart
Why everyone should read this: reallycorking is one of the finer HP fanartists out there—whether she's illustrating canon scenes, fics or, um, adult fare, her drawings are beautiful and evocative. Along with seviet and mudblood428, she is probably among the most prominent H/G and canon fanartist out there about now. She's also my favorite. :-)

The H/G fandom reaction to HBP has split between two poles: "Yay, they got together!" fluff and "Awww, they have to be apart" angst. Most of the best fic and art of the past year and a half has managed to combine those two, and this drawing is no exception.

It captures Harry and Ginny in a moment of quiet at the eye of the storm as they dance at Bill and Fleur's wedding. It's certainly sweet, but, being reallycorking's work, not at all cloying (even if there are disco-ball sparkles in the background), and as always in her art, the body language of the characters gives you an incredible sense of the complex feelings between the two characters. A picture's worth a thousand words? Fuggedaboudit—I try very hard to write tersely and I can honestly admit that it'd take me several thousand words at the least to create a scene anywhere nearly as full and rich as this one.

Follow the thumbnail link:

Thumbnail of H/G Dancing

(There's also bennmorland's bonus fic, Lost Time, which was inspired by this drawing and is worth checking out...)
7th-Dec-2006 11:34 pm - Fic Search!!
I am looking for an older Fic that I don't remember the name of.

it is post ootp, Remus becomes Harry's guardian and they move in to grimauld place together. The order helps to remodel the house. there is a large birthday party with all of harry's friends.

mad eye puts some new saftey measures in place that nearly kill harry when Remus's long lost wife comes to the house. Harry is summoned thru the boiler and is nearly killed. he spends time in st. mungos and has to regrow most of his skin and fingers.

remus and his wife seperated because of a prophecy that said she would be the cause of their son's death.

any help you could give me as to the name of this fic or where to find it would be appreciated.

4th-Dec-2006 02:21 pm - The South Tower by Jaquelyne
It's probably not news to many of you that Jaquelyne Hawkins, longtime Sink Into Your Eyes moderator/archivist and H/G shipper extraordinaire, passed away yesterday. Though she had been ill for some time, her death was utterly unexpected. She is missed; she will be missed.

When I first started posting fics to SIYE, Jaquelyne was the kind, reasoned voice who talked me through many of the pitfalls of posting to a single-pairing archive. "What do you mean Ginny can't die in a one-shot?" I'd grumble, and she'd patiently explain just how weird the shipping wars could get—that folks would actually go to the trouble of having Harry and Ginny happily together in a fic... only to kill her off a few paragraphs in and then have him turn to Hermione/Luna/Tonks/Draco/McGonagall/whoever to drown his grief, just to tweak the community. When my fic Facing Backwards needed to leave SIYE, she was the one who calmly explained that perhaps it wasn't the perfect home for a fic in which Harry was married to Hermione and Ginny to Neville. ("But it's still an H/G fic...!" XD)

Jaquelyne was a sports journalist by trade, and we talked baseball a lot—the last IM conversation we had was about Barry Bonds and whether San Francisco Giants fans (like myself) were supporting or turning on him. I said, "Hey, if Harry and Ginny get together in HBP and then break up, are you going to change ships?" She laughed and said that of course she wouldn't.

That was just before the book came out—and just before she became ill.

In addition to being a wonderful beta, moderator and cheerleader, she was a Harry/Ginny fic writer. In her honor, I'd like to rec my favorite of her fics:

Name of Fic: The South Tower
Author: Jaquelyne
Summary: A quiet moment together turns out to mean more than just a kiss.
Rating: PG
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Fluff
Status (WIP / Completed): Completed (with a sequel)
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-OotP
Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione
Warnings: None
Link: http://www.siye.co.uk/siye/viewstory.php?sid=2468
Why this fic must be read: Though it is set at night, the story is bright, sunny and bursting with optimism—in many ways, quintessential H/G, and quintessential Jaquelyne.
An excerpt: “You know, we should be at the leaving feast,” a petite young woman reminded the young man in her arms.

“Nope, would rather be here with you,” he said quietly, tightening his hold around her waist.

She nuzzled his neck and curled in tighter to his warm frame. “If the Head Boy wants to miss, then I guess I have permission.”

“Yep, you do,” he replied teasingly. “If you don’t stay, I will make sure you have detention in the morning before the train leaves.”

“Abuse of power, I demand a new Head Boy!” she stated, a bit of mock indignation in her voice.
3rd-Dec-2006 05:21 pm - Together by krabapple (NC-17)
Hi! I'm Antosha, and I'll be your reccer of Harry/Ginny goodness for this month. I was also asked to rec H/G on crack_broom; if you subscribe there as well, pardon me, my recs this month will overlap...

After HBP established this as the de facto canon pairing, those of us who had shipped the couple all along felt vindicated—for the most part. Interestingly, however, it took a while for fic authors to digest and work with the new canon. Over the past year, new fic has begun to emerge, and I'll try to offer a bit of a survey of the state of the ship....

The first few pieces that I'm going to rec follow HBP canon closely. As the month wears on, I'll wander further afield. The first two fics deal very directly with Harry's stupid-and-noble routine at the end of HBP.

Name of Fic: Together
Author: krabapple
Summary: Ginny refuses to accept Harry's honorable declarations.
Rating: NC-17
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Fluff, humor, erotica
Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-HBP
Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione (implied)
Warnings: Teen sexuality
Link: http://krabapple.livejournal.com/167360.html
Why this fic must be read:

One of the first things that most H/G shippers wanted to do after they finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was whack Harry on the head. That's it? they whined. A couple of hundred pages of angsty, sublimated lust, one kiss, a joke about tattoos... and they're done? One of the basic themes for H/G fics since HBP's release has been how to resolve the narrative sinkhole that we were presented with after Dumbledore's funeral.

In the months immediately after the book came out, fic authors (myself among them) sought to make Harry see the error of his ways ASAP. Most typically, this involved some sort of reconciliation at some point around the time of Bill and Fleur's wedding, when we know Harry, Ron and Hermione will be dropping by the Burrow one last time.

This fic is one of the more entertaining takes on this motif. There's no whinging!Ginny, and while Harry seems utterly flummoxed, he never gets petulant or overly angsty. The characters are true to canon and the relationship sparkles with the humor that seems to be the thing that Harry and Ginny share.

Oh, and there's nice first-time sex, if you're up for that. (I will be rec'ing plenty of less... adult fics, so don't worry if this isn't your cuppa.

ExcerptCollapse )
30th-Nov-2006 10:01 am - "All Right" by Chanond
damsel in distress
Name of Fic: All Right
Author: mereol
Summary: In the midst of the horcrux hunt, Harry and Ginny steal a moment together at a curry shop in the midst of London.
Rating: R
Genre: wartime romance (why do I have such a hard time picking genres??)
Status: one shot, completed.
Timeframe: Post-HBP
Other Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/hpgw_ficafest/68364.html
Why this fic must be read: I've always loved wartime fics for their uncertainty and their urgency -- this fic has that, but it also has a real sweetness that never gets lost in the wartime atmosphere. And it's very sexy in a teenage way.
30th-Nov-2006 09:58 am - "Wake the Dead" by Syn
damsel in distress
Oh noes! I missed last week's rec! Well, I have two today to make up, and to finish off my month of reccing. Thanks to margaret67 for being such a great mod. :)

Name of Fic: Wake the Dead
Author: Syn, aka cicatrixstories
Summary: Zombies attack Hogwarts
Rating: NC-17, for sex and graphic violence
Genre: horror, adventure, darkfic
Status: chaptered, complete
Timeframe: Written Pre-HBP
Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione
Warnings: Character death on a massive scale. Very graphic violence. Sex. Violence. Character death.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Why this fic must be read: Zombies attack Hogwarts! Seriously, how can that not be great? Trust me, it's great. I don't read much horror outside of fanfic, but I thought this was outstanding. Probably not a fic for the squeamish, though.
17th-Nov-2006 09:58 am - "Carousel," by Poseida
damsel in distress
Name of Fic: Carousel
Author: poseida9
Summary: "She can live without him. She's heard women whose husbands died in the war say that their men were all they had, that it was impossible to live without them, and she doesn't quite believe them. He wasn't hers, anyway, and she never wanted him to be."
Rating: PG/PG-13
Genre: angst
Status: one-shot, complete.
Timeframe: Written Pre-HBP, takes place mostly post-war
Other Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Link: http://poseida9.livejournal.com/5872.html

Why this fic must be read: Poseida is a very well-known Harry/Ginny author, and definitely one of my favorites. And I think this is my favorite of her fics, although it doesn't get as much attention as some of the others. This fic manages to be about the small human drama of a chance meeting after a breakup, about the larger history of the relationship, and about the consequences of the war, all at once.
12th-Nov-2006 05:23 pm - Harry/Ginny recomendations needed

I am new to this community and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Maquislady1388 and I have been a H/G shipper for several years. I found this group after many, many long hours of searching for new H/G stories.

After searching the many Recomendation and Themed lists on LJ I find myself disapointed at the lack of H/G stories. so I decided to create my own list. I would appreciate any recomendations you might be able to send me. I will begin posting the list in the next day or two and will update it as new fic's are sent to me.

thanks for the help.
10th-Nov-2006 01:31 am - "Momentum," by LadyLisse
damsel in distress
Name of Fic: Momentum
Author: ladylisse
Summary: Ginny is forward momentum.
Rating: PG/PG-13
Genre: character profile
Status: one-shot, complete.
Timeframe: Post-HBP (and during)
Other Pairings: mentions of past Ginny/Dean and Ginny/Michael in canon context
Warnings: none
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2566873/1/

Why this fic must be read: This fic is a great (very short, but great) exploration of Ginny in HBP -- her fiery temper, headlong rushes, and tendency to hex first and ask questions later. That's the Ginny I loved in HBP and OotP, and it's the Ginny that Harry fell for. Lisse does an excellent job with her character, and it makes this fic a pleasure to read.
An excerpt: The story of her life is sudden realizations, of speaking too soon and being irrationally angry for no good reason at all, because if she doesn't live from moment to moment nothing fits together the way it ought to.
damsel in distress
Name of Fic: Sweet and Half-Forgotten
Author: _shesastar
Summary: A moment away from the crowd at Bill and Fleur's wedding.
Rating: PG/K+
Genre: fluff/angst
Status: one shot, complete
Timeframe: post-HBP
Other Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2552188/1/

Why this fic must be read: There are only about 10,000 'Bill & Fleur's wedding' fics out there, but I love the understatedness of this one. It's just a normal moment between two teenagers, fraught with sexual tension and words unspoken, the kind of moment that Harry will carry with him into the war and think of later.
An excerpt: “Yeah, that could explain it,” Harry agrees, and reflects to himself that it’s a bit funny, really, that he’s smiled more in this entire conversation than it feels like he has all summer. It’s just that he’s missed her.

And you’ll have to miss her again, he reminds himself but she’s smiling at him, warm brown eyes alight, and being here, close enough to smell her hair, it’s a temporary release. He’s stepped into that other life again, the one where things like death and loss and fear don’t think to reach him.
23rd-Oct-2006 09:57 am - "Dream World," by incognito
damsel in distress
Name of Fic: Dream World
Author: incognito
Summary: Harry attempts to spare Ginny from the war, but the results are unexpected.
Rating: PG-13 / light R
Genre: angst, action, AU
Status: one-shot, complete.
Timeframe: Written Post-HBP, AU timeline
Other Pairings: a little bit of Ron/Hermione
Warnings: some sexual content
Link: http://incognito.livejournal.com/55442.html

Why this fic must be read: One of the things I love most about Harry/Ginny is the inherent possibility for darkness between them. This fic explores that possibility, while staying true to the canon sweetness of the pairing. It's a fic that kept me thinking about it for long after I finished reading, especially the portrayal of Ginny here -- who she really is, and the way that Harry sees her, too.

An excerpt: Harry sees Ginny, and his stomach twists. She walks down the stairs, and he smiles. She looks as exhausted as he feels, and he knows she's been fighting her own battles, the ones he was never able to be a part of. The idea of her facing Death Eaters alone makes him ill, but she's survived, and he reminds himself firmly that it's all over now.

"Hi Ginny," he says, and he reaches for her in an attempt at a hug, but he drops his arms a second too soon.

She takes his hand instead, and he follows her upstairs. She shuts her door and kisses him hard, and he kisses her back with fear turned to hope. She tastes like his desperation, and he slips his hand under her shirt to rub the bare skin on her back.
16th-Oct-2006 10:36 pm - "Maps to the Stars' Homes" by LizBee
damsel in distress
It's not officially my turn to rec on this community until November, but I'm impatient and I figured nobody would mind. ;) I'm going to start off with one of my all-time favorite H/G fics.

Name of Fic: Maps to the Stars' Homes
Author: lizbee
Summary: Following the war, Harry buys a plane ticket and leaves, but the memories keep following him.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: character profile (mostly focused on Harry)
Status: complete, long one-part story
Timeframe: Written post-HBP, takes place post-war
Other Pairings: nothing major
Warnings: none
Link: http://www.mirrordance.net/hpfic/maps.html

Why this fic must be read: I love the non-linear structure of this fic, and the way it shows Harry fighting the war and recovering from it. I love the interpretation of the various consequences of the war, especially to Hogwarts students. But I especially love the way LizBee writes the Harry/Ginny relationship -- it's a natural extension of the strong understanding they share in HBP.
30th-Aug-2006 11:16 pm(no subject)
hg kiss
Hello! I have really enjoyed reading all of the fics this group has recommended and I wanted to share some H/G stories by one of my favorite fan fic authors, Alchemilla. If you like long angsty stories, The Test of Time, is great! Here is the link:


She has also started a new fic that I am loving - even though it doesn't start out too well for Harry and Ginny! It is basically a series of one-shots - here are the links -read in this order:

#1 http://www.sugarquill.net/read.php?storyid=3040&chapno=1

#2 http://ladysmantle.livejournal.com/4082.html#cutid1

# 3 http://ladysmantle.livejournal.com/4648.html

The prequel http://www.sugarquill.net/read.php?storyid=3020&chapno=1

Enjoy! :)
25th-Jul-2006 11:04 am(no subject)
SPN - Killer Truck
This comm has been...dead since I found it in may but I fugure I can't be the only one who checks my LJ so there's still hope lol If this isn't allowed let me know...

I'm not a big Harry/Ginny fan (or a fan of het for that matter) but I'm in the mood for a H/G fic. The thing is, I don't like H/G fics unless Harry's in charge. I don't mean he rules over her and all but I mean she's quiet and all that and take the relationship slowly. That's the only way I can stand her. Does that make sense?

Anyway, if anyone has a good fic like that to recommend I'd be happy. I'd prefer oneshots or short chaptered fics but if they're long and you really think I should read it then that's fine. I'll just save it for later :)

Thanks in advance!

28th-May-2006 09:16 am - new story :)
passionate connection
Now that the writer's block, of sorts, is over ...I have a new story. It's only the first chapter...but I'm really excited about it. (please accept my humble apologies for pimping my own story).

Title:  Strings That Tie To You
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: T (or PG-13)
Genre: Romance (with a bit of angst, action, humor....I could keep going...but I digress)
Word Count: 6187
Summary:  Everything, these days, seems to be nothing but a memory with strings that tied to him. But what happens when you lose those memories that you've always cherished?

The link, dahlings. --> Strings That Tie To You

So....readsie and reviewsie....please. *bats eyelashes* 
23rd-Mar-2006 09:06 am - Art by Rae-F
I think these pics have been around but I only discovered them recently. Anyway, they're JUST gorgeous!

Artist: Rae-F
Rating: G

Distracting Ginny from OWLs
Harry and Ginny at the Common Room
Down by the Lake
20th-Feb-2006 11:59 am - Rec!
e eimajunknown NOLA skyline
Author: silver_u_glass
Summary: Five things which have yet to happen to Harry Potter.
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word count: 4,252
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Post-HBP
Warnings: A bit of violence, a bit of mild swearing, sexual reference, character death. (That's a surprising number of warnings for a pretty mild fic!)
Link: http://silver-u-glass.livejournal.com/2006/02/19/
Why this fic must be read: Much humor, much H/G. This is good stuff =)
4th-Feb-2006 10:10 am - "Always Here" by Your Belladonna
passionate connection
Name of Fic: Always Here
Author: belladonna_tb, pen name: your belladonna
Summary: Life and love after Voldemort are beyond compare...but sometimes other evil things can be forgotten. Will Harry and Ginny's life be the same?
One year after being married, Harry and Ginny were finally planning to take a vacation from their busy lives to celebrate their first anniversary. However, Harry's job always seemed to ruin their plans in the end, and this time, it wouldn't be any different.
Rating: PG-13
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Romance/Angst
Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-HBP
Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione
Warnings: slight language
Link: You can find the story here
Why this fic must be read: I think that this story captures the essence of Harry and Ginny's life post Voldemort. Of course, we exist in the world of Harry Potter where nothing is always as it seems. I think it has the right combination of romance, comedy, and angst. Writing this fic, for me, was a little bit of a challenge. I really struggled with the way things were going to turn out in the end. But, I must say, I caught myself, as I reread the story, laughing and smiling and crying, and it touched my heart with love. I hope that you enjoy it.
An excerpt:
She stood there, in a long black robe, with her hair soaking wet from the rain; thoughts constantly running through her mind. She paid no attention to whether there were people around her any longer. She didn’t care.

Taking in a choked breath, she felt one tear fall onto her cheek. With that one tear, there were a thousand memories, a thousand moments of good times and bad, a thousand images burned in her mind, and one name connected them all.


Ginny was dreaming; they were sweet dreams, ones that made her happy again. Harry was with her, she’d given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Harry was holding him, so afraid that he might break him. Then she heard him say something, “Harry Sirius Potter. I love you…my son.”

He walked over to where Ginny was still lying in the hospital bed and she felt him run his fingers through her hair, but then things went dark and suddenly she was waking up.

As she came to her senses, she almost jumped out of her chair as she felt something touching her head. Ginny rubbed her eyes trying to focus on what it was that had startled her so. It was Harry; he was awake again.

If you are so kind to review, please post the review to the story's link on ff.net.

Thank you so much!
1st-Jan-2006 02:43 pm - new fic recs journal
damsel in distress
Hey, all! I thought you might be interested in my new fic recs journal, derivational.

I'll be recommending any fic that I like and is of good quality, not just Harry/Ginny... but then I do love me some good H/G. :)
14th-Nov-2005 11:57 pm(no subject)
Harry Ginny movie
Elsa's being good enough to let me post my master list of H/G friendly fics here, although the format's a bit out of whack. Still, there's at least one that I missed off my list that I can wholeheartedly reccomend, so I can use the correct format at least once :-)

Name of Fic: The Tale of Jenny and Henry
Author: thetreacletart
Summary: Jenny liked to sit in the garden and play with gnomes…and to remember.
Rating: PG-13
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Angst/Romance

Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-OotP
Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione
Warnings: Tissues!
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/hpgw_ficafest/10433.html#cutid1
Why this fic must be read: The Harry/Ginny ficafest has been a resounding success, producing dozens of wonderful stories, but this for me is the pick of the crop. Almost unbearably touching, the tale of how Jenny came to live the Weasleys, and why she pines for her soulmate Henry is an exceptional example of how a story doesn't need all the details to be complete. Everything is here in a very few words, a complete story, and one of the most affecting piecs of any length, in any genre, that I've ever had the fortune to read.

An excerpt: Jenny liked sitting in the garden because the house was always full of people—people who gave her odd looks, people who lingered in corners and shadows, people who seemed to look like her. They were her family, they said. It made sense. They all had the same hair—bright red; all their noses covered in freckles. But their faces seemed strange to her, wrong somehow. Mr. was sad and Mrs. was small. Boys were quiet, bitter, and cold. And the odd little teetering house that looked like it should fall at any moment, felt like it would as well.

It was all out of place, but Jenny couldn’t remember why exactly, because she was wrong too. Her hair was too short, she was sure. The sun felt out of place on the back of her neck. Her clothes were wrong as well. The little sundress came up too high on her thigh, and was very tight around her chest, like it belonged to someone much smaller, but when Mrs. had asked her to wear it, it made her eyes shiny. Jenny liked the little yellow daisies on the trim, and ran her fingertips over the stitched petals. She really didn’t mind the dress and she rather liked Mrs.’ shiny eyes.

The List...Collapse )
13th-Nov-2005 08:12 pm - Phoenix Rising: A Harry Potter RPG...
I just wanted to take a few moments to invite everyone to check out a new RPG that has been started.

The premise is that it is Nov. 2002. Five years, five months after Dumbledore was killed on the top of the Astronomy Tower and four years, 6 months after Voldemort met his demise in the Battle of Godric's Hollow.

Since then our characters have moved on to different things some moving forward together, others apart. We have a wide spread of characters so it is likely if you have a "favorite" character we have someone writing it.

Current characters are:
Harry Potter pr_harry
Ginny Weasley pr_ginny
Ron Weasley pr_ron
Hermione Granger pr_hermione
Neville Longbottom pr_neville
Luna Lovegood pr_luna
Arthur Weasley pr_arthur
Molly Weasley pr_molly
Bill Weasley pr_bill
Fleur Delacour-Weasley pr_fleur
Fred Weasley pr_fred
George Weasely pr_george
Remus Lupin pr_remus
Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin pr_tonks
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody pr_moody
Oliver Wood pr_oliver
Lavender Brown pr_lavender
Parvati Patil pr_parvati
Romilda Vane pr_romilda
Padma Patil pr_padma
Anthony Goldstein pr_anthony
Su Li pr_su
Cho Chang pr_cho
Orla Quirke pr_orla
Susan Bones pr_susan
Hannah Abbott pr_hannah
Ernie MacMillan pr_ernie
Justin Finch-Fletchley pr_justin
Megan Jones pr_megan
Daphne Greengrass pr_daphne
Draco Malfoy pr_draco
Narcissa Malfoy pr_narcissa
Severus Snape pr_snape
Peter Pettigrew pr_wormtail
Bellatrix Lestrange pr_bellatrix

We are currently looking for more writers: especially a replacement writer for Megan Jones, and writers for Viktor Krum, Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Terry Boot, Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomsas, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Interested parties should send an e-mail to wvchemteach@yahoo.com. Be sure to include which character you are intersted in.

In the near future we are looking at archiving the posts at: Harry Potter Common Room so you'll have another way of keeping up.

So if you are interested in the whole story check out the "Friends page" at pr_rpg and if you are interested in commenting and interacting with the writers then feel free to join the Fan Community pr_aerie. Hope to see all of you there.
2nd-Nov-2005 03:20 pm - "The Chaser" by Firebolt909
Name of Fic: The Chaser
Author: Firebolt909

Summary: Ginny Weasley becomes the new Gryffindor Chaser and the voices in Harry's head take over.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: humor, fluff
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Pre-OotP
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/241233/1/
Why this fic must be read: This is one of those "classics", written way back in '01. You'll already get glimpses of athletic!funny!snarky!Ginny here. I remember anticipating every new chapter of this fic. The voices in Harry and Ginny's heads are so witty and fun to read. If you weren't active in the fandom yet in those days, then here's a treat. :)

An excerpt:
“But, Ginny,” George said. “You’re sitting on his lap.”

“I like it here.”

“I like it here too,” Harry heard himself say, winking at Ginny. What are we, suicidal now? Probably, but this is really really fun. It is, isn’t it?
2nd-Nov-2005 03:08 pm - "Seeking the Truth" by Been Reading
Name of Fic: Seeking the Truth
Author: Been Reading

Summary: Ginny Weasley is excited about starting her first real job after finishing school, except for one small thing: she'll have to face Harry Potter for the first time in over a year. Ginny struggles to deal with feelings she thought she had long put behind her, and with figuring out what really happened between Harry and Ron to fuel Ron's sudden hatred of his ex-best mate. Join Ginny as she is forced to make the ultimate decision... true love or family loyalty.
Rating: PG-13 so far
Genre: angst, humor, mystery
Status: WIP
Timeframe: AU
Link: http://www.hgforever.com/quillandkiss/viewstory.php?sid=110
Why this fic must be read: When it was recommended to me, I stayed up all night reading it -- it does that to you. The plot is unique, the H/G wonderfully frustrating and the mystery leaves you looking for more.

An excerpt:
“Is that what this is about? You’re blaming yourself for all of those deaths again?” Ginny asked harshly.

“Well, people died to protect my secrets. Knowing my secrets got them killed,” Harry said.

“People wanted to protect your secrets, Harry,” Ginny said quietly. “People wanted to protect you. People loved you, Harry.”

“People loved the idea of me; they loved the hero.”

“I didn’t,” Ginny replied, her voice almost a whisper. “I loved you for you.”
*looks around* Hey, we're not experiencing a shortage of quality H/G fics, are we? :D

Name of Fic: Mind's Eye, Soul's Reflection: A Luna Lovegood Story
Author: Mysterious Muggle

Summary: "They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. But these pretty blue eyes of yours are just stained glass. It is the mind's eye that is clear. It is the only true window." Luna Lovegood is an outcast, a lost soul. Teased and misunderstood. Because she sees things that others can't. Past and present, dreams and reality, fact and fiction, all intermingle inside her head. What is the forgotten truth Luna is so desparte to find inside herself? And what does she see when she closes her eyes? Luna's fourth year, OotP from her point of view.
Rating: G
Genre: angst, humor, adventure
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Pre-HBP
Link: http://www.sugarquill.net/read.php?storyid=2023&chapno=1
Why this fic must be read: Okay, before I get smacked at for recommending a fic centering on Luna, let me explain. This absolute gem of a fic is, indeed, about Luna and Order of the Phoenix and might not really be a Harry/Ginny fic, but it's definitely going there. :) Here, Luna and Ginny strike up a friendship, and through Luna we see what Ginny thinks of Harry. Personally, what Ginny tells Luna, especially on that chapter where they talk about love, is exactly what I think she would. There's also some interaction between Luna and Harry (and Luna and Ron! it's all lovely) which gives us some insights. And, well, the whole thing's worth a read; it's a whole new look at Luna's personality.

An excerpt:
“You talk about love as though you know it. And I don’t think you’re speaking about Michael. Who do you love?”

“Well I guess that's the question, isn't it?” Ginny said, half to herself.

“What do you mean?” Luna asked.

“I mean that...sometimes I wonder. Whether who he is and who I think he is are the same person.”
20th-Sep-2005 05:21 pm - hpgw_otp Numbers Challenge
flyingcarpet has just posted the Master Fic List for the hpgw_otp fic challenge. They're all lovely -- do check out the link! Here's a couple of entries I've just read. :)

Name of Fic: Fifteen Minutes (Before the End of the World)
Summary: I really can't make a summary that would be deserving of this gem. :)
Rating: G
Genre: angst
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Post-HBP
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/biggrstaffbunch/11031.html
Why this fic must be read: It's poetic and intense. 'Nuff said :)

Name of Fic: 9.8ms^-2
Summary: Ginny can't stop falling.
Rating: G
Genre: fluff, angst
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Post-HBP
Link: http://www.livejournal.com/users/delicfcd/16736.html
Why this fic must be read: Wonderful use of imagery...and physics! :)
19th-Sep-2005 09:01 pm(no subject)
Rizzoli and Isles- Angie whats not to lo
I'm needing some new H/G fics to read. So we'll do a swap. I'll give ya'll a fic and then you can give me one, kay? :p

(Also new to comm, hate first posts and all!)

Name of Fic: 'Of Hearts and Heros'
Author: Emmilyne
Summary: In the days following the Department of Mysteries there is no respite for Harry, as a long lost relative with exceptional powers comes to change his life forever. Ginny learns she is not the plain outsider she thinks she is. And grief and fear lead to late night connections for Ron and Hermione.
Sixth year epic. (Pre-HBP/AU-begining prior to last chapter of OoP) Ron/Hermione with eventual Harry/Ginny.

Rating: *NC17* (Password needed for Bedchamber access)
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Hrmm, I guess Romance, Angst but with a decent plot
Status: WIP (on chapter 35 at the moment)
Timeframe: Post-OotP, Pre-HBP so AU
Other Pairings: Ron/Hermione OC/Charlie
Warnings: NC17 because of R/Hr-ness. *Amazing* NC17 chapter with them.
Link: LINK
Why this fic must be read: The characterisation of Hermione is just amazing in this fic, she and Ron are 'Practising' *snigger* For a 'long lost' relative fic it's actually my one of my favourite fics, and I've read a lot of them...
5th-Sep-2005 01:18 am - "Seekers" by Irina
Hey guys! Do post your fic recs; it's getting pretty quiet here! :)

Name of Fic: Seekers
Author: Irina
Summary: When Ginny makes a portrait of Harry for an art assignment, the ways they see each other are altered forever.
Rating: PG
Genre: angst, fluff
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Pre-OotP
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1099520/1/
Why this fic must be read: It's a pre-OotP fic, so some of the themes here aren't canon. What captures you, though, is Ginny's quiet ability to break through Harry's defenses and understand his vulnerability. Plus, it's sweet, and you gotta love the snogs. :)

An excerpt:
“Gin?” he asked, feeling a flash of insecurity. He was short and skinny, with untidy hair: nobody’s idea of an artist’s model. “Why me?”

She frowned up at him, her eyes traveling over his face, frankly assessing. He felt his skin heat up under her appraisal. Finally, with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes, she said, “Because you have an interesting chin.” She disappeared through the girls’ door before he could reply.

Harry stood alone in the common room. “My...chin?”
5th-Sep-2005 01:02 am - "Naked Quidditch Match" by Anya
I just HAD to recommend this, just in case a poor soul out there has not read it yet :)

Name of Fic: Naked Quidditch Match
Author: Anya

Summary: Basically you have Fred and George playing Magical Truth or Dare, and the game backfires on them, so you have the Gryffindor Quidditch team playing starkers against Slytherin. Most of the fic takes place before that match, and it's written as though the characters are sending emails (Mmails!) to each other.
Rating: PG-13 (going on R?)
Genre: humor
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Pre-OotP
Link: http://www.nodignity.com/freaks/nqm/nqm1.html
Why this fic must be read: Because it's a must-read for all Harry Potter fic readers, not just for H/G shippers. Plus, it's a riot. Guaranteed to make you roll on the floor laughing.

An excerpt:
Cut for the funnies.Collapse )
29th-Aug-2005 08:36 am - "The Get-Well Card" by Miss Snuffles
Name of Fic: The Get-Well Card
Author: Miss Snuffles

Summary: In PoA Ginny gives Harry a singing get-well card, and this is merely a little fic about that (and a bit beyond).
Rating: G
Genre: angst, fluff
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Pre-OotP
Link: http://www.sugarquill.net/read.php?storyid=938&chapno=1
Why this fic must be read: It's the first Harry/Ginny fic that made me cry. :') It's written in Ginny's PoV. We get to see her insecurities from the moment she gave him the card and afterwards. Towards the end, we are kept hanging on to what Harry will do -- if he'll let Ginny in, or shut her out again. It's beautiful, sweet and heartrending.

An excerpt:
A full five minutes passed before Harry moved. A barely audible sigh of weariness escaped him and he slowly rolled onto his back.

He looked awful. Ginny bit the inside of her cheek to keep from gasping. She’d seen Harry bleeding, but even with his wounds cleaned and in his pajamas, the cruelty of it didn’t wane. His face was extremely pale except for the black bruise running from his lip and under his eye, the edges a sickly green. A clear, gelatin cream glistened in a thin line through the ghastly bruise, healing the deep gash. Yet the physical injury seemed mild in comparison to the dullness in Harry’s green eyes, the grim set of his mouth.

Ginny wanted desperately to feel the sting of her cut cheek. Anything to keep her from breaking down when she needed to be strong. She wanted to see a fierce, angry glint in Harry’s dull gaze, any emotion that proved he was alive.
25th-Aug-2005 12:22 pm - "Train Ride" by Lynn
Name of Fic: Train Ride
Author: Lynn
Summary: Missing moment from HBP. For anyone who thinks a year at Hogwarts isn't complete without a train ride to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.
Rating: PG
Genre: angst, fluff
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Post-HBP
Link: http://www.hgforever.com/quillandkiss/viewstory.php?sid=84
Why this fic must be read: It's one of those hopeful post-HBP fics that speaks of that last goodbye before Harry goes off in search of the Horcrux. This fic stands out for me because it's so probable in canon, and it doesn't happen during Bill and Fleur's wedding. :) It also includes some insights into Harry and Ginny's relationship -- I particularly liked Harry thinking about the "wasted seconds" when he could have talked to her of things that were important now.

An excerpt:
She’s not looking at him, though, but, rather, rifling through a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, looking for her favorite flavours. Strawberry, he thinks, and remembers a conversation they had had, some lifetime ago. There are so many conversations, filled with meaningless words and wasted seconds, that he can’t stand to think of it. So many things he wants to say now, but knows he can’t.

Harry shakes his head lightly, and wills himself to forget, because he knows that’s the only way he’ll be able to cope. Because, really, that’s all he’ll ever be allowed to do. Cope.

She hands him a treacle tart flavoured bean without looking at him, and he knows she remembers it, too.
24th-Aug-2005 09:38 pm - "Exposition" by delicfcd
Name of Fic: Exposition
Summary: Harry can’t explain how he feels, or why he’s stealing chances to be around Ginny. Luckily, Ginny just wants him to explain why he’s an idiot.
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, humor
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Post-OotP
Link: Here via hpgw_ficafest
Why this fic must be read: If you like clueless!Harry, you'll adore this light and witty entry for the H/G Fic-a-Fest. It combines the fluff and humor seamlessly. And you gotta love the wonderful innuendo at the end. :)

An excerpt:
“Of course I want to be around you, that’s the problem, isn’t it? You think I enjoy staying away from the girl I lo- I mean, one of my friends?”

Relax, Ginny, she thought. Lots of words start with ‘lo-’. Look. Loathe. Loot, although that didn’t really fit. Lozenge. It might be Auror slang for ‘am only moderately attracted too.’ I reckon that waitress is a bit of alright, how about you? Nah, I only lozenge her.
23rd-Aug-2005 11:22 am - A Fic Rec for Cat Lovers
gg couch
Name of Fic: The Cleverness of Me
Author: Audra Lachesis
Summary: People have such odd courtship rituals. They fuss and fret about every little thing, until they drive themselves to distraction with worry. Their lives would be so much easier if they just exchanged dead mice like a normal species…
Rating: G
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Fluff, humor
Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-OotP
Other Pairings: none
Warnings: none
Link: http://www.hgnetwork.co.uk/siye/viewstory.php?sid=5287
Why this fic must be read: Well- according to Ron, on pg. 146 of CoS, Ginny "was a great cat lover." And this is just too adorable to resist.
(Optional) An excerpt:

The boy shrugged. “Ginny’s just finished Hogwarts, though, and she’s been there for me quite a bit for the past few years. I don’t want her to think I’m just another one of her brothers, or that I’d forget her birthday, or – well, let’s just say I really hope she likes you.” His skin had turned pink behind those ridiculous frames.

Ah. I understood. Really, humans had the most bizarre courting rituals. Why didn’t he just sniff her fur? Humans had pheromones, too, after all. Or better yet, bring her a dead mouse. I’d like to be courted like that, when I got a bit older. But humans have always been odd creatures, I suppose. To each species his own.

So he was trying to foster the girl’s affections through me, was he? I wasn’t sure if I really approved of that. I mean, I might be devastatingly cute and cuddly, but still. Mighty hunter, and all.
23rd-Aug-2005 10:59 am - An Art Rec
gg couch
Name of Art: HBP Love Potion
Artist: Bloody Mary
Summary: Lovelines in HBP
Rating: PG, possibly G. It's too cute.
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): fluff, humor.
Status (WIP / Completed): Completed
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-HBP
Other Pairings: Romilda Vane, Fleur/Bill, Draco/Pansy, Merope/Tom, Hermione/Ron, Ron/Lavender, Tonks/Remus
Warnings: Erm... spoilers?
Link: http://www.artisticalley.org/gallery/data/940/27514hbplovepic-med.jpg
Why this art must be seen: It's too adorable.
(Optional) An excerpt: I'm not quite sure if it's possible to include an excerpt of art.... I suppose I could put it under an lj-cut....

Lovelines in HBPCollapse )
23rd-Aug-2005 05:36 pm - One of My Absolute Favourites
Kate Daniels
Name of Fic: Portraits
Author: Zachere
Summary: Long one-shot exploring Ginny's changing relationships with Dean Thomas and Harry Potter.
Rating: PG-13
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Fluff
Status (WIP / Completed): Complete/One-Shot
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-OotP
Other Pairings: R/Hr
Link: http://www.hgnetwork.co.uk/siye/viewstory.php?sid=6464
Why this fic must be read: Seriously, if you haven't read this one-shot, you're missing out on something. It's one of my absolute favourite H/G fics; I have it bookmarked. Looks at Ginny's relationship with Dean (before HBP) and how her relationship with Harry eventually comes about. Lovely scene in the snow at the end. =)
(Optional) An excerpt:

"Ginny," Harry said.

She started and looked at his face. It looked very much like Harry was extremely annoyed and trying hard not to show it.

"There's a Hogsmeade visit next weekend. Are you going with anyone?"

"Er, no," she said, taken aback.

"Will you go with me, then?"

She thought about the pile of homework that would be waiting for her and grimaced. Just as she opened her mouth to tell him no, Ron caught her eye, and she remembered her promise.

There was a long pause in which Ginny managed to restrain herself from going for her wand. "All right," she said finally, and tried hard not to glare at her brother.
23rd-Aug-2005 01:06 pm - Post-HBP fic rec
Random: purple socks
Name of Fic: Permanence
Author: JennaMae
Summary: An oak tree by the lake brings back memories.
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, angst
Status: Completed
Timeframe: Post-HBP
Other Pairings: none mentioned, though seeing that this is JennaMae, I bet my life it's also R/Hr ;)
Warnings: none, except that have a tissue or a handkerchief at hand.
Link: Permanence
Why this fic must be read: Because nobody does flangst better than JennaMae (even if she always makes me cry). ;)
(Optional) An excerpt:

He sat up, their lips never parting, and slid his arms around her. She was small and pliant in his arms, yet warm as her laughter and intense as her zest for life. He was vaguely aware that he was out of breath; all he knew was that, yes, he could live like this forever. He’d do anything for this.

Much to his displeasure, Ginny pulled away and rested her forehead on his. She sighed. “We really should be going back.”


Ginny chuckled. She released herself gently from his embrace. “We can just say, ‘I wish it could be like this most of the time’ instead.”

Of course, I picked the fluffy part. I wouldn't want you all to cry on the excerpt alone. ;)
23rd-Aug-2005 03:06 pm(no subject)
Kate Daniels
Name of Fic: Aftermath
Author: Shezzly
Summary: Voldemort is dead, but Harry is still haunted by their final battle. In the end, he finds it's Ginny who he can really turn to - and things progress from there. Also R&HG. Expect fluff, twins and trips to London...
Rating: PG13/R
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Fluff, Angst
Status (WIP / Completed): Complete
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Post-OotP (pretty sure)
Other Pairings: R/Hr
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1541174/1/
Why this fic must be read: This is the fic that got me started on H/G. It's very well written, funny, in-character and although obviously not canon anymore, still definitely worth a read. Warning for a mention of past Harry/Susan (what can I say, it's a pet peeve, but the story's great and very pro-H/G anyway!) and a reformed!Draco, which is unlikely as heck in this form, I'd think, but makes for an interesting change, I suppose!
(Optional) An excerpt:

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Ginny said, her voice hoarse.

“Oh yes,” Harry replied fervently. He kissed her again. Fawkes cried out softly. She tasted so good, he didn’t ever want to stop kissing her, but after a while he remembered air and had to halt briefly to breathe. He touched his forehead to her forehead and felt a tingling in his scar.

“Harry,” she said, on an exhale. She wiped away the tears on his face with her thumbs.

“Ginny,” he said in reply. He smiled shakily. She smiled too.

“We’re right in front of Dumbledore,” she said after a long, quiet moment.

“I know. I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s alright.”

“I wish I hadn’t.”

“I want you to. I want you to tell me everything.” She kissed him once more, softly, slowly, so that he felt like his spine was melting. “I don’t want you to be sad anymore.”

I’ll always be sad said his inner monologue bitterly.

But less so, he thought back, with her.
23rd-Aug-2005 02:53 pm(no subject)
Kate Daniels
Name of Fic: Meant for Me
Author: katc
Summary: Harry and Ginny are reluctant to share their true feelings, but, when a certain Marauder steps in, they find that they no longer have a choice.
Rating: PG13/R
Genre (fluff, angst, humor, etc.): Fluff, Angst
Status (WIP / Completed): Complete
Timeframe (Pre-OotP / Post-OotP / Post-HBP / AU): Pre-OotP
Other Pairings: R/Hr
Warnings: None.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1364145/1/
Why this fic must be read: It's short, completely sweet and provides lovely fluff if you happen to be in a bad mood, or you've been reading too many utterly angst-ridden H/G fics. Love the ending, too. =)
(Optional) An excerpt:

Harry watched her. He hadn’t told her how beautiful she looked tonight, of course he hadn’t. But she did look beautiful. She was wearing a dark green robe that complimented her hair and skin beautifully. Her long wavy hair was done up in an intricate knot at the nape of her neck. Truthfully, she was the most beautiful thing Harry had ever seen. He wished he could be honest with himself, and with her, but there was too much in the way.

After the dance, Sirius kissed her hand ostentatiously and led her back to the table. He winked at his godson.

"Now, I prefer blondes Harry," he explained in an undertone. "But you are your father’s son."

"Don’t go there Sirius," Harry warned, scowling at him.
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